Design thinking.

Design thinking include the ability to multi sense ,to see patterns which are not so obvious to others and the ability to create something which can potentially change the very behaviour of people and, in a sense create the future.
The direction is to judged and ,the flows are to be seen ,where they are attempting to flow or where they may flow,the habitual course of action,the predilections ,man need something to accept as situated on high altar ,deep rooted culture provide easy spark, suffering of masses is many times not seen but suffering of few heros captures all attention and a comparison is drawn with those heros.
Leading a path of non-alignment but aligning to most unproductive course,here all rhetorics are to be used to justify stand,as there is no option to change course,it also happens in corporates when certain investment is made on certain decisions and implementation steps taken there after even after assessing and knowing that all need review but generally it is avoided.
The pattern can emerge astonishing ,but it certainly impacted by its seeds and grass root going ,
Some individual,societies,nations has formed policies and guiding ethics after much deliberation on pattern of design thinking,in which what was visualised was to be achieved,just ideal statements and policies ,which cant do welfare /change course of history.
What has been going on long and new course /changes are not in perfect alignment and direction then future could be as sombre as it had been,it need assessment of ailment ,its seriousness and the capacity of forces at fence to disrupt all initiatives is to be kept under watch throughout its course.
Abstract and pure patterns can also have some other hidden aspect,whose pattern may emerge over long time in a way that much is again lost,the ground and virtual may be two extreme of reality,virtual pattern may be defeated by ground pattern.
Patterns are sometime quite obvious,which causing flutter  ,yet the disintegration among all class becomes so pervasive that much left to destiny,To get the lead ,and to pay any price in long run may not be perfect design,things may unfold but other variable are also to be hole strong.

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