Broken window tendency.

Generally it happens that ,if one leave car or a house with a broken window ,it soon attracts other to completely vandalize it.
 As if man does not wish to help others much,its some scoring points or compulsion of law,society etc that lead to some action.
The societies with more broken binding ,without much cohesion causes more such syndrome. The societies which are losely governed as a nation ,and the law of older society/ vague norms of old customs are prevalent ,such societies are more in chaos with themselves and individuals.
No social security,lack of chances to grow in orderly way result in resorting of all sort of loots,be it govt coffer or else.
The norm is to grab ,the consequences to others and societies at large have no relevances ,and it becomes a usual norm,nobody eyebrows are raised on such happening.
Or the average human showing his smile in public places but as if deeply perturbed internally,when ever gets chance where no body seeing and guarding tries to mitigate it for worst,so he wants for the world of his own surrounding.
Combined will of nation after deep distress led to revival of their fortunes robustly ,that requires a leader to take mantle and to pursue revival path ruthlessly.
Deep family ties are nice but in some parts where no civilized ruling structure has prevailed for long,families has become means of security ,influence ,power and dominance etc,there no regard/concern to others average man welfare ,they are just seen as commodities to further their cause only and as rigid structure scuffling innovation ,change etc.
Divisions in society and lack of trust among different segments lead to avoid any helpful gesture,further in some parts ,if one act or desire to help some one in distress is restrained by judicial structure of those parts and general perception that without any cause why one would come forward .
Despite material progress in some societies ,the lack of belonging within individuals cause deep distress,which can reflect some times in extreme volatile behavior or action.
The education system be suitably devised to inculcate belonging and social integration and social service as prime driver of success in life,essential for individuals and societies to exists.

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