Those golden moments shaped the life.

Those golden moment when in the care of tall/loving personality provided perfect peace and tranquility under that shinning tall figure ,who was never confused in his faith,and daily rises and sets in the same shinning glory,the remembrance of such golden peace and beauty of those wonderful moments shape present and future,more so if life has not got nice breaks,relaxations etc to generate more memory of more further golden moments,than such moments remain the only relief,remembrance,solace in isolation,deep in heart to remember and rejuvenate.
The question of logic take back seat ,it crystallized in mind and heart ,and sometimes/manytimes when such real father figure has not entered in ones life that some ideal father figure from national/international  figure past or present are cherished and given the revered  place in ones mind that the only figure that belongs to one,only emotion,only grace/valor/serenity and the supreme perfection of their cause,style,courage and purpose is permeated deeply in the follower mind and heart.
Going is tough,many are lost in it and forget rest,to link with such ideal illusion etc but to some others who are better enterprising ,gave secondary status to rest and form some sort of common group,who may have shared feeings and beliefs.
Went to that remote place with him ,where modern amenities were less,yet the relief and peace and grace was immense,no body to ask ,disturb,stillness in surrounding stilled from inside to give permanent place to those moments,raised desire ,expectations,will.
The court yard within four walls,those chanting lights,music,devotion and mere simplicity of surrounding captures the perfect picture in ones deep memory,which haunts later on,it need to be added /gifted by more perfect belonging in future to make it broad base or it remain sole guiding/driving force for life.

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