The New Normal

We get in the morning to again immerse in the normalcy that is prevailing . Sometimes changes are accruing gradually and consistently and that is not visualized as changes in prevailing normal.
In life -things all of a sudden or sometimes in due course alters substantially from prevailing normal and that has to be adjusted /accommodated to become comfortable in new normal.,such newer normal created by external factor or upon culmination of a stage ,so when one phase ends to make begin shape of new normal.
Sometimes we tend to ignore newer realities for long ,whereas on ground much has changed  but yet we do not want to give cognizance to newer reality and live in era of no relevance with consequences that may emerge,and not accepting new reality ,may be attributed by tendency of resistance to change,adamant attitude and not at all being ready to shift our mindset/beliefs.
After trying to impose ones own set of thoughts and preferences ,one become tired and realize that accepting the new normal,either it was always there and one had been vehemently closed to it or changing landscape,and understand that other are giving importance to one as per the prevailing normalcy and weight now commands, and to start to enjoy in old normal that has been now v accepted as normal new belatedly.
When the things are burning and it is hard to sustain and pull on them ,taking escape route from such headwinds could be one alternative that may lead to newer normal,some places,events,earlier regularity etc are to be given up so that a better viable new normal could be accustomed and recognized.
Sometimes in chaos new normal has to be planned or left in such shape for some time so that newer alternatives could emerges and new normal emerge gradually ,pulls and pressure are sometimes too strong and further things can go for worse ,as mass public opinion is easily swayed by few dominant being by their various tools/influence and power that becomes new normal,but whether new normal has taken shape in right manner or not cant be visualized /predicted ,as abundance of alternatives,reach/accessibility  rises ,better technology,make new normal susceptible to tinkering here and there to make it more comfortable. 
Graduating from one normal to another ,trying of various st abilities and instabilities ,it emerges gradually something more concrete ,as the each night takes away momentum ,that has to be re gained in morning and again in afternoon is to be thrust upon surrounding of yesterday.

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