Extended zone of comfort [Second Part]

At many times one is embroiled in zone of discomfort ,that engulfs all the surrounding of one ,and one may desperately want to move from that zone of discomfort to a zone of comfort ,of which many times one is not in position to visualize what could be his zone of comfort and how it could be found and sustained.
Further some are True-to-selfers ,these type of people find it extremely difficult to change stance so easily and they as if wants a static zone of comfort and want no threat to their natural styles and authenticity,whereas on the other hand people like that of chameleons feels easy in all situations and are ever willing to adapt and change to achieve their objectives.The zone of comfort for some is quite adjustable even in short run ,whereas some take a more longer run view and sometimes rigidity also reflects on them.
The core of zone of comfort need to be sound so that when stretches its boundaries to make it more comfortable is adaptable /amenable to its core,the rule of game are ever changing and all zones are are hardly any permanently protected zones ,encroachment/invasion are usual,further corrosion catch up in anything lying still for long,therefore it is imperative to reinvent ones zone of comfort on regular basis .
The notion of comfort varies across human and it is based on ones mentality and perception formed about journey of life gathered from prevailing or prevailed environment and the belief on ones own capability. 
The boundaries are stretchable and flexible ,upon gaining confidence /training and visualizing the comfort beyond illusory boundaries.
One has immense potential and steps and tools that takes one toward realizing full potential lies within the zone of comfort,it is not discomfort to try,pursue and learn and not to adopt typed/fixed mentality.

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