A sacred mandate.

The man begin journey with assumption of having a sacred mandate to assume charge of ones life and wander in all territoies with impunity.The man gets all function set in biological seed/clock ,but to get actions in right direction and desired impact and result all become subjective.
Man is surrounded/impacted by innumerable things,the basic faith got embedded by some has given way and fixed range within which to fluctuate ,but when no boundary visible and one extend in such territories than no presumption works and unconscious motivation being shaped and perpetuated daily ,its impact could vary widely.
They called it obsessive indulgence ,than what for one is here ,when nothing is to be yearned,no result are to be questioned,the emotion play their free ride ,visible and invisible domain shatters leaving one vulnerable to all sort of storms,yet not to question shakes ones presumption held.
The basic survival and smooth ride should be package under which one take charge after being left in choppy water,but when said that you are here to give exams and earn reward points,even whose mechanism is not known to the preserver of faith on Earth,raises doubts in the eyes/mind.
Faith may be looked to be faith ed but many who do not have much faith in sustainability beyond this phase and just cant believe on prevelent assumptions,as one cant find any traces/vision of so long journey so far undertaken,than ones faith dwindles in theory of endless journey,and its experience and resultant emotions that permeates out of imaginary or real of others and self worth that gains inside out of programming of known/unknown.
To be different is real nature of human,no one is born patented to any sort of identities/roles/doctrines and it becomes one of the most unwanted field,where one is pushed to find all relevance /pleasures in old defined mold ,that has been made standard emotion to celebrate and visualize suffering of them and repenting it and forgetting real suffering and pain in self and attached life’s.
When one cant digest food,thought ,environment,surrounding,it starts to hurt and get reflected in ailment of different sort.
They play the game for their pleasure and feel free to select the characters and give them any command,whose who starts to yield any sort of power ,the genesis of which may lie in spirituality ,wealth,muscle power,dynasty or their impeccable make-upwith belief to treat other with impunity as their sybjects to shape with divine task of moderating destiny of others. 
Faith, when justify all sort of harassment and suffering are buried under holy veil and resultant ailments are crushed ,it makes spread of pain all around that not to be questioned.
They lacked vision or vision has been made confined to benefit a selected class and their play has made others into varios group of commodities.

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