The superior species.

All the living being on earth are endowed with different level of senses,life is given to different living being in different varieties.
Some could only smell.some feel,some analyse etc ,the meaning of existence is different to different species,some exists only to eat,smell nothing special after all one can only wander in range of his domain,for them rest is of no issue.
Suppose animal  are not concerned much of money,productivity,innovation,gross domestic product of their economy,politics,elections,democracy etc.
Birds,sea borne living beings,insects,animal all are as if created for their limited specific utilities,and nothing as DISCRETION lies with them,they are to fulfill mandate given to them,and it also appears that their stakes are not high in any sense,all are equally capable and susceptible to equal dangers and if a danger particular rises that gradual/drastic correction attempted by nature on its own logic of assessment and action. 
All species are subservient to another one,and no single entity claim to possess the entirety with them ,entrusted with all task and all feelings/spheres within their command.  
The human possesses all qualities of basic sense of living being and in addition has power of knowledge ,innovation etc through which it can attempt Moon for possession and enjoyment.
Yet it appears that even  human may themselves not be the most superior creations ,as number of wonderful limitations/ boundaries created.
A species above human may be provided the power to immediately understand others feeling and motivation ,therefore avoiding much miseries and conflicts.
As if all human tend to rate their own grievances above every body else.,and feel empowered to attempt correction/revenge .
As if all species if given free hand are ready to substantially control/extinguish other one ,the super hero of species attempting to shape scene accordingly but internal conflicts in super species created so that there could also be existence of more superior species. 

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