Drum beats with silence of tranquility.

The silence is shattering,
As the observer of it,
Submersed further into tranquility,
Silence is something,
Tranquility is other thing,
When the rhythm around,
Become same as rhythm inside,
The continuous flow of nature beats,
The quietness with peacefulness,
The rhythm of quietness,
The beats of its drum,
In silent zone of peace,
In a crystallize state,
Where the rays passing ,
through it,
Magnifies colorfully,
And the beats are heard by,
Inner foundation,
That moves in comfort zone,
What is going on,
All in perfect ,calm,
No question,no answer,
No explanation,no exclamation,
What fine going on,
The song of love,life,
The eternal song of zeal,
Flying all around,
With in harmony,
To any existence on,
That other end,
The bugle blowing,
In all direction,
Of silence and tranquility.

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