Solitude blooms in darkness.

Solitude blooms in darkness,
Its countenance grows in darkness,
And becomes more pervasive,
To take into fold,
To spreads its color,
In those blurred tales,
That had gone missing,
In the days plight,
The analysis of all,
That happened in past,
All such conversation,
That caused hurt,
Rises to ,get admired,
Giving black the white,
That my wilderness ,
That your wilderness,
Could find a bond of,
Common solitude,
That could not attach/belong,
Despite so long associations,
The loneliness in crowd,
At places without exception,
Ones loneliness remained companion,
..Else no ones company,
Could settle in mind,
The heart hardly got immersed,
Worthwhile matters,
All complains,all suspicions,
Of plotting  world,
That company is in accompanying,
The frightened loneliness,
Looked close,
As own,
In the solitude of all night,

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