Nadir of faith.

When one gets to understand that despite his clear means and direction ,one has hardly been got understood by else,one want to get entangled with all niceness of possession and comfort ,yet what that has caused fissures that were not feasible to heal.
As if the communication was never complete,ones intention,contentions etc are hardly understood by others in right way,As if every body want to say and nobody want to hear and in such discourse ,the partly heard matters taken with cindering perceptions ,and feeling that ones matters require urgent attention ,and nobody remain there to attend.
Faith gradually started declining from self and self effort and response that may come,the negativity start descending toward bottom of it,from where no hope left to explore to get again hurt.
As if one should stop crying of his fortunes and misfortunes and rather becomes healer or hearer of others pangs ,the returns were not there.
The gains are gained from losing track of its scores,to avoiding bottom reaching where meaning of existence gets diluted.
The all faith evaporate when hard journey ,long journey fails to find shadow of comfort and all efforts of building silos of comfort becomes perennially comfortless.
The return are zero when one tries to pull along with others on a path of understanding to understand that his non understanding was much insignificant as compared to what others yearn to convey  to understand ,which they might may not also be sure.
To remain confined to give and take ,not much about maximizing returns ,but at proper price ,that has been received without any other lasting expectations.
To materialize the materials ,the others living species world that just consuming and passing baton to next generation advertently or inadvertently ,that’s all faith that one start to preserve. 

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