Happiness may descend when learn to make decision.

To conclude,to stop flow of pain and suffering flowing from past events/happening  in which we feel let down,cheated,not understood and our all expectations/understanding about some aspects has completely shattered.
We need decisiveness to conclude the matter and see /extract some finer points from it and also search some lesson to be learnt.We may conclude that larger loss avoided,acted boldly ,many things positive learnt from miss happening ,which otherwise we might had not known,it was just that trigger that compelled us to look at things from many aspects ,thereby providing us opportunity to learn significant aspect for future gains, further we may conclude our mistake and put a stop to its future re-occurring. But by taking decision to conclude the matter frees our energy and we may be able to concentrate on task on hand and planned,thereby avoiding misery and creating happiness.

Every body is Manager in some respect,to manage his affairs personal 
,official,social,family etc,to manage all affairs quick and timely decisions are essential ,the art of making decision to be learnt by all ,so that one gets satisfaction of venturing out in his dreamy road and corrective measures taken soon after ,if some hitches were there.
One has to observe ,analyse outcomes of prevailing state of things ,to alter the path toward quick adjustment and mending tottering affairs ,going out of hand.
To decide to stop particular way of expression that does not suits to some’s companion,to get out of mess,rather than getting more and more struck in it,
Unduly being confused and feeling that no decision may also turn into decision  ,but with much more cost usually,further depriving from satisfaction of action.
Action taken is great satisfaction for one.and to learn to make choices of significance that matters much,a state of no command ,where life is taking its own direction without pause and rectification may head toward early doom,
time goes anyway ,but when it goes for attempting our decided way cause great pleasure to one.
Reviewing matters and taking stock of their usefulness and options available could pave way for smooth decision at appropriate time.
The old ancient record/memories either to be deleted or preserved in some better place,a decision to bury past and move on,to find what one can adopt for long term satisfaction and maintenance with lighter commitments. 
Managing ones affairs requires a sense of direction ,thought of urgency and planned outcome to gain command of things so that they may not slip out easily out of hand ,to render all efforts in jeopardy.
Indecisiveness leads to more troubles and learning and appreciating to take correct/suitable decision in prevailing environment is required,the gains are to be consolidated ,to make them enduring ,rather than losing momentum build,the path to progress is much one way ,not much long hang overs may help.
Time is ripe or becoming ripe thereafter it may lose its potential,to avoid dithering and timely march to continue,one remained to immerse in his decisions and decision only,much useless pondering dilutes decision and takes away attention and sheen away from it.
Seeking and relying on approval from others on ones decision shows that one is not sure and vulnerable to all reactions ,that makes decision as a sort of no decision,evaluating decision is another thing and confused state and lack of confidence is another one.
Life is long to be impacted by decisions and too short to be bothering about all useless consequences,the right path of individual may lead society and country at right sphere,where individual and collective welfare may become synonymous.

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