Extended zone of comfort.

It has become much fashionable to say that one need to venture out his comfort zone ,the paradox is that one is hardly basically understanding his zone of comfort and when even not exploring that full and to talk to move beyond that becomes irrelevant.
The notion of comfort varies and it is based on ones mentality and perceptions formed about the journey of life gathered from prevailing or prevailed environment and belief on ones own capabilities.
The boundaries of zone of comfort is stretchable and flexible ,upon gaining confidence /training and visualizing  real comfort beyond the  illusory boundaries.
One has immense potential and all the tools and steps that push one toward reaching full potential lies within zone of comfort ,it is not discomfort to try,pursue and learn and not to live in a typed/fixed mentality.
The zone of comfort are marred by inclinations ,which are sometimes shaped by societies ,upbringing and peers.
The zone of comfort for one need to be explored by one by removing his inertia,un decisiveness,proper understanding ones potential and task at hand ,so that faulty notion of stretching comfort zone is not created.
That is to say that zone of comfort itself is quite large and need to be visualized and explored fully.
The misconceived notions and hypothetical boundaries are to be dismantled to pave way for exploring zone of comfort fully and comfortably achieving performance and satisfaction of achievement. 

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