Beating retreat.

Despite all bloom and festivity,again one return to its base,to preserve  the beats of joy  and to explore the options of permanent connectivity with themes,all trying ,all gaining ,all losing ,yet a phase reluctantly set in mind that now some of beats are no longer that relevant.
Its over and it will come again,the wait gradually turn shorter ,of lesser consequence becomes a event of lesser significance,the colors had lost brightness,the spirits lies low,the will and supporting structure starts getting weak.
Its change ,now one to turn to newer beats ,in which apart from beats the memory lane gets resonance.
All man made events may some day lose shine for individual or collectively,and the man may find one day that journey has at some stage started beating retreat,to wind up gracefully,to keep the beats going for newer player ,to enjoy ,to explore.
What achieved ,what left,what understood and what understanding that all understanding is now too late or that despite understanding it from time to time but again losing traction and no further need to explore traction to lose again traction.
After all what could not gained in journey endlessly that to set in self and trying to gain a more lasting peace by re treating from activities ,curtailing down them ,declining participation’s thoughtfully or by compulsion.
Getting away from waste and claimig ones control from others ,to retreat back to self for more sustaining livelihood ,where chances of rupture decline significantly,that requires deliberate efforts to retreat from some ventures ,where success is hardly visible and getting continuous brushes. 
Aligning to the reality belatedly ,and accepting newer realities,pondering surrounding and selecting icons of lasting relevance till the end of long day.
The enthusiasm was high,acceptance was beyond question,doors closed closed for many finer issues ,suddenly get close to finer points and to grab then starts retreating from unnecessary hurdles. 
The end game visible nearer ,starts thinking to close wasteful accounts and grab divinity within so that no one can take self from self and immerse in continuous rhythm.  

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