The need theories.[critical analysis]

It appears that the theories of human needs are not static and they also evolves with changes in society ,technology etc.
The understanding of human is shaped and reshaped by evolution/development  with times and changes,one remember that earlier the highest need was considered  as self actualization ,may be keeping in mind the transient nature of life and spiritual aspects as ultimate supreme.
The changes in management/psychology/philosophy are subtle but with deep impact ,cant it be that now human try to understand self actualization with all stages of evolution,he chooses his education,profession,life style all that leads towards his self actualized dream.
The social needs are now met with social media ,recognition is sought there,
With development of science and understanding of very basic nature of life,understanding ot elements that sustain life,it looks that when nothing is stable,The Earth is rotating,what one is seeing is changing every moment ,as The Earth is plunging every moment.
That makes the design too large and much beyond comprehension and understanding that relevance lies in comfortable living,ethics,productivity and relationship. 
Rather than attaining  individual self actualization ,the larger self actualization has gained relevance ,which may include all part of world,the model  of heaven is to be replicated on Earth ,earlier small parts of Earth and individuals were involved in pursuing ,now with connectivity,where globe is a villiage ,the efforts are combined.

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