Change of mind set with life stages.

What could be stages in life,in present times it appears  that life has only one stage and just the consumption increases or decreases or its pattern is changed.As per old civilization tradition it was said that life has four stages-the first one of childhood upto 25 years ,in which education was primarily supposed,in second stage upto 50 years was considered of family life and third stage up to 75 years of was meant for proceeding to forest,and last stage upto 100 years was was meant period of total detachment from world for self purification.
Accordance with above concept and closed knit families of those time automatically cause to align the mindset,when daughter in law comes,your role /mindset modified,when one become grand father again mindset goes to newer domain.and elder one were thrust more responsibilities of being careful vigilant mean to transfer the tradition to next generation. 
In the present world such old concept/thinking have been slackened,yet one with the passage of years in life is somewhat forced to align to different mindset/model.One on journey tend to evaluate different stations differently  earlier station and later stations may be viewed differently,fatigue may set in or it may come in mind set that in so long journey so many stations seen but new would be in coming one.
However it ever that now stages could be defined differently in present time somewhat,like retirement ,ailment ,family troubles ,break-up and patch-up,major personal accidents,financial or else collapse,such drastic situation in present world may force to cause change in mindset,in a gradual manner ,as the change in thinking and perception goes on regularly back ward and forward,therefore lasting change/dent is gradual subject to many other factors.

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