What was lacking.

Something was lacking,
what was lacking,
a touch that wasn’t there,
a touch that was elusive,
remained more confined to,
coming things,
opportunities restricted by,
internal make-up,
external prevailing surrounding,
restricted restriction of,
body and self,
a chance as if lost,
to take-up a cause,
to take-up a path,
a natural evolution,
the inborn fragrance,
melted and wilted,
a shaky ,damp closet,
becomes all pervasive,
in all colorful wings of,
colors visible to others,
colors lost in rainbow,
confusion attempted for solving,
clouds engulf Sun,
existence so fragile,
yet no destined eventuality,
motivated to move on,
the self has to start self,
no ignition no fuel,
enough to cause vividness,
the drama goes on,
unable to become part of it,
as if no defined part,
remained in extra’s,
tried to involve with others,
tried to involve with self,
the outcome was destined,
as if a foreign particle,
lotus shine in mire,
as its roots provide strength,
to its stem to hold ground,
firm and unperturbed,
allowed to reflect firmness of root,
and colorful lotus stand’s,
oblivious of rest,
the seed has limited sensitivity,
more genetic,
a tender sapling need much more,
story sewn   in tears,
of lost opportunities,
more understanding.

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