Water turned patient,
Appeared in hindsight,
That all were not in cahoot,
Copious terse awakening,
Outwit belatedly,
Got clue,
That ferreted translucence,
For long,
To leave the mark,
To turn it into hallmark,
Milestone for prodding further,
Into the territory of calm,
Impacts aren’t tangible,
Denigrating self,
Coloring the countenance,
Why covert introspection,
Of the event,
Led to pondering eventualities,
Touching the imaginary nettle,
Set the tone 0f compunction,
Collusion of fear by fear,
Colluded by weak frame,
Connivance of goons,
Cohorts of despondency,
Need riposte,
As the cloud gave way,
To emerge the rainbow,
A rainbow of resurgence,
To gain the echelon,
Willy-nilly got snide,
To pay lip services perennially ,
To get loosen the stripe,
Of core gripe.

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