The patience ceded way to..

The patience ceded way to impatience,
the ice crystal remains the same,
crystal as temperature sustain,
the ignitor moving to ignite ,
the surface,as if,
swinging to and fro,
the parched surrounding,
melts rests to breathe,
in the early hours,
to sustain the will,
to turn into scenery,
when the cloud crashes,
some oasis here and there,
where the ice never melts,
the term of mirage,
the running behind mirage,
invented to give solace,
invented a controlled surrounding,
of coolness and coolness,
the calmness lying far,
the concerns,the issues,
of the surrounding,
the closer the surrounding,
the far the surrounding,
a isle of tranquility,
give way to happening,
as they happens.


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