Middle management training aspects.

The hierarchies are reducing in the organisation,every rank of officer is empowered to deal the matters relating to him to a extent independently. 
The business in present era has become dynamic and it requires instant decision making by the dealing officer present and dealing with the customer.
The one representing the company at a point needs to decide the things at the spot,the changing and fast mode of business has made it imperative that all cadres and particularly the middle management is aware of the organisation policies,strategies,logic’s and is well connected in need with the senior managers,apart from being aware of the ground realities ,the bigger aspect is this that the middle management needs more knowledge of decision making skills so that the organisation remains competitive in the marketplace. 
The training program for middle management needs to be designed keeping the present requirement of independence performance from them.
  The training programs for middle management need to be made more participative ,where all participant share their experience,problems and concerns ,and the organisation vision and strategy be effective be communicated during such events. 
The global perspective and the capacity to deal in global and virtual communities be emphasized.Such program depicts the commitment of management and it shows that the organisation concern about their task realities.
The training to such cadres need to structured in way that it possibly discuss varied type of issues that crops up/can crop up during performing their task,its important to remember that their task should not be viewed in strict sense of activity,but a whole broader view of the issues that they have to tackle and further the basic image of company ethics,efficiency,decision making,vision,customer care   etc is transmitted through their handling of them. 



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