Training intervention-systematic approach 2

The primary objective of training is to achieve a clearly defined standard of performance,its objective visualize what the learner will be able to do at the end of learning unit.The training strives to develop the abilities of individuals i view of the organisation task set-up,to satisfy the current and future manpower need of the organisation.
The ultimate aim of training is to help a person to do his task as per certain criteria and standard.
The setting of the training objectives enables determining the amount of information ,instruction and skills to be given to participants during training.

The result oriented training is also linked to questioning the old order and changing them to establish new system of productive enhanced output.It could involve the technical and behavioral aspects ,group dynamics and organisation culture.
The output of organisation and employee is much dependent on the culture and work ethics of the organisation.,it perpetuates and carries over/hang over existing and incoming employees,as the box is shaped and closed in that particular manner in particular organisation,the initiative for changing the culture requires to challenge the old mind set,to venture out of comfort level  and to have new vision and the zeal and high spirits to take the organisation to newer heights.
It is remaining in consonance with the time,relevant with the time,a particular work ethics ,culture,technology level might have yielded result earlier but it cant be always so ,for ensuring the long term survival and growth ,it is essential to adapt,innovate and get ahead of competitors by becoming a vibrant organisation.
The organisation with the aim to maximize the wealth of all stakeholders and the society keeps on re-inventing ,the interaction and feedback is with all organisation much faster and the better management interpret the same immediately with a long term growth oriented vision  and set goals  and the training as an activity steps in to implement the change.  
The trainer need to have the full present business vision ,and understand the issues the management wants to address through the training intervention.
The management should also become the part of the training process since the start ,from conceptualization ,to planning,implementation ,feedback etc.
With the active participation of management in the training ,the employees are convinced about the resolve of the management and they are encourage to move with the direction set up by the organisation.The participants need to be convinced about the objectives and relevance of training,and the willing and productive participation need to be extracted from the participants.



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