Degree of immersion in virtual reality.

The modern devices can afford immersion of its user,mobile and other one ,the reading can put one in another world for a phase,but the virtual reality is promising full immersion.
Man need immersion in the surrounding,but one feel the surroundings are not the ideals or the liking of immersion which provides the fine dwelling,
The world of individual to a large extent is the creation of owns perception ,but the ideal one is different to which one longs for,and the more important one is that while immersing in it ,all other surrounding loses its relevence and the man gets the opportunity to be one with the one subject.
The various models had been propounded since the ages,but the success rate has not been high,a temporary immersion here and there,therefore the continuous meditating for it has been emphasized,which in itself is an arduous task. 
Virtual reality is being conceived as a escape route into a better reality,and a persons online presence is being broadened limited to a site or social networking site.,to create virtual reality experiences by slipping into virtual world by wearing a headset and body movement trackers,playing a role of own wish in any story of virtual reality by being the key cast in it,and the virtual real characters may have the /been provided real time emotional features.
One can go for voyage at wish,the history student can immerse in the real virtual time of that time to feel of it,roaming in the universe.
In the virtual reality one can leave out the unwanted or venture out with them without fear,can make oneself better prepared to face the reality.
Sometimes one loses control with the reality,and start seeing the things that are not seen/recognized by others,the virtual reality provides a chance where the user perception is changed into simulation ,and one may segregate the reality and the perception and their compulsion/weaknesses for forcing the particular behavior.
By being involved in the virtual reality the one may grasp the difficulties and causes of mishandling of every days matters,when the all steps has been correct,the outcome is not correct,by indulging/duplicating the same in virtual reality one may understand why he react less and the impediments and the false walls that hamper ones correct effort,that way the man may move toward better realistic perfection.
It takes lifetime to understand why strange things happen and spoil the joy without fundamentally being all correct ,one try all means but fails to get to the roots with conviction ,and as soon one understand ones orientation and divert the sense of virtual reality to practicality and is able to step out of it . 

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