Undivided Families, Divided Nations

The history of prime families compared to that  of ordinary families is replete with their style and unquestionable prominence in the eyes of the members as well as the surrounding public,be it few hundred or crores of people.

The adventures and misadventures of these families could not be questioned at all, and were easily erased from the memory of public so much so that these members were given free hand in their experimentation of all the primitive instincts .

When the masses believe that their own fate is more dependent on these supremo, that is when the nation is in trouble.

The undivided families operate as a small remote country side kingdom, with a handful of people, reporting and obeying systems, a system in which all the members of the undivided family are convinced that their common welfare lies in protecting the structure of the family and all the sacrifices and deeds are justified in its name.

The ties to the family are strong and the prominence of the family makes all other issues irrelevant. Its member becomes a regular event and a daily chore, it become a sort of a never ending shooting of a film with the wisdom never being questioned, their privileges never questioned, their ability, their contribution never questioned, much less analysed.

At that point one finds that in each of the corners there are stories/living stories of family prominance/dominance, that prevail and the dominance also tend to perpetuate at each level, at the bottom level of families, the vision and whims of its patriarch becomes a dominating force in the four wall of the hut of a family, but one want to always be identified with a family and loves the all sort of jabs flowing in the family.

The nation is as if nobody concerns, the cohesive national thinking, the evaluation ,the forward push seems to not attract the people mindset, where they are satisfied with the age old destiny.

The loyalties to families, the prominent families has all the privileges to what ever suits their interest and the loss to the exchequer ,public welfare, hampered growth etc has no interrogation,the families are devoid of all account liabilities.

The larger nation becomes so divided by these small sects dominating here and there that the complete identity of the nation hardly become reality,and the fight among vested groups,unions of various families/tribes become the order of the day .As if some living deities are roaming ,and act and abiding them is all that is there,the dominance becomes the issue and the writ at the whims rules the day,life becomes the sacred ,engaging in holy deeds/wars .

Where each individual has so high objective of getting enlightenment so as to permanently get relieved from all suffering in the coming infinite living ,the small costs are as if no ones concerns. 


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