Pillars of A Brand

Brands are built on the two pillars of identity and continuity. The basic product is the same to a large extent, yet the brand gives it a unique identity and generate expectations from consumers,the assurance of quality,the unique blends and the assurance of its continuity.
The brand create a separate identity,which may even be different from the company that holds the brand ,the separate identity it creates by targeting to the specific segments of consumer .
The brand may identify itself with the class,segment of consumer-a lifestyle product or a economy product with all the high class qualities,the product may have sensitivity to the price,it may target to enter mass market or it may try to seduce the fringe user to jump/switch their category as it has become price favorable for them,the price competitiveness is increased by the linked offers-like the facility of finance provided by the company or its finance arm of the group,the assurance of free services thereby reducing the service costs of the consumers.the extra large or economy pack which provide the consumer the benefit of the cost savings,the advance booking of the product by the consumer by it the company is assured of the demand and it can built up/plan its inventory accordingly and also procure the raw material and allied product at competitive rates,so that the consumer is benefited by the lower prices.

The marketing strategy determines the identity that has to be built by the product,the endorsement by celebrity,the promoting of the brand as the life style product ,the use and possessing of it fulfill some aesthetic demands,further the royal touch,the charged mood with the possession of good,the comfort of the support team,the relationship with the product through the facebook page ,twitter etc and the group of consumer making a class apart ,the elite group of the user of that brand,the promoting of product as lifestyle one ,gives the pride to the existing and the potential consumers to become elevated in their files by embracing the lifestyle with artistic and the royal touch. 

The brand should be positioned with the particular needs to which it seeks to identify,in the present era the needs are not the basic one only,it also contains the elitist aspects,the need of satisfaction,contentment,pride,as if one rising above the narrow pitches by embracing the product.

Brands are promoted sometimes with the appeal of some social cause, a message for change,to remove the rot, to project the same with causes simultaneously holding other ground is deemed to be a additional push for generating the sales.

The brand is a brand because it has the continuity ,in some cases the up gradation/diversification etc are attempted so that the brand remains dormant in the changing times ,but the continuity is a big factor that generate the confidence in the consumer,the brand has a positioning of immortality so that it generate value in the momentary life of its consumer,its the continuity of the solar system,the nature ,which one perceive by taking a look at the long unending history and is convinced about the prevalence of the concept beyond ones understanding,  my grandfather drink particular cola and it seems to last ever,beyond as if ones visualization,the pillar of brand is much based on its continuity guarantee generated the brand and its managers.
The song will continue,it will last in rains,in dry spells,in the hard time,in the soft times,it will go on rumbling,as if it can withstand all sort of disasters which a individual is not so perfect in handling.

A aura that shines with the brand lies much its proper identity and continuity,the change are part of the process ,but the same be attempted in such a way that the core of the product is protected and the changes are attempted in such a way that the existing customers does not alienated and at the same time adding new and wider segments,the times changes,the value of society changes,the wealth parameters, health/education/nutrition  etc keeps on changing and the brand has to stay relevant and the brand need to run some steps ahead of the changing times,to say the the loud aspiration of its consumer be read by the brand in advance and to identify with it ,so to stay ahead on the stable  pillars .

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