The breeze buzzing,
as fast splash engulf all,
with the content of it,
the spillover of coolness,
the spillover of warm/humid,
generates the nostalgia,
the thing that existed,
the moments that existed,
the spillover of innocence,
devoid of any meaning,
any strategy or plan,
just as casually,
as casually the moment enliven,
the nostalgia caused burns,
the burns fired rapidly,
the fodder ,the constituent of it,
the quality of it,
it turned dilapidated ,
beyond the redemption,
rejuvenate on renovation,
gains antiquity,
glitters with the taste of,
it smell with the fragrance of,
the receptor receiving it,
in the proper file,
devoid of virus,
its the system,the agility,
that shines the reception.

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