The Near the Means

The far the end,
the near the means,
the end not known,
the mere means known,
the ends are loose,
the ends are evasive,
the ends are illusive,
the way not known,
where to traverse,
the means are the ends,
the means are visible,
but the means  deceptive,
the nearer one goes,
the far they appear,
to divert the means,
to the direction of,
unyielding composure,
of the harmony,
with the surface,
the surface alters so usually,
no means stick for long,
the surface so tenuous,
nothing sticks,
it appears gleaming,
catch hold of posts,
the pulpit high,
advancing to space,
the ending ends,
turns to new alley,
which way is way,
seems too nasty,
what in it,
what is that,
its all relevance,
that’s relevant.

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