Human satisfaction lies in growth


Human satisfaction lies in growth, both tangible and intangible one and not in just contentment. To be content is not the concept suited to the ever moving and depleting times.
The deceptive time is running on regular speed, yet one usually loses the track of it and one fine morning is full of surprises – and in such a scene the grief emerges, or a strange and strong feeling of being cheated and lost etc may engulf.

The word satisfaction might exists or not or is merely a hypothetical state and it is one with such force that the closer one comes the more distant it appears

Therefore satisfaction lies in chasing, not in stationary sitting and lapping contentment, the growth the result of which are visible on the ground /surface,the growth in one stature,the change of roles necessitated by the age ,the leaf is paling from the day it takes first tiny step to see the strange world outwards,but the growth that provides the satisfaction and the much of the purpose of life.

The clock starts ticking and the times start growing in terms of months/years ,that time growth has to be balanced/harmonized with the  growth in other spheres ,so that the one always feel relevant for ones existence,the existence need to be relevant to make ones life /feeling relevant.

Human is basically a social element ,and sitting long hours in isolation and gaining contentment works largely successfully in isolation,the one need to gain the satisfaction in the public domain,the saints etc also need their faithfuls to feel elevated and relevant.
The areas of growth are multiple available to one,if at one level one is stuck to a particular field ,but simultaneously one can explore many other fields to gain the growth for deriving satisfaction somewhat.

Growth in ones understanding/tolerance is also much required ,as the age advances,the maturity level may also expand ,its generally that one due to circumstances or else turns too much aggressive in personal nature or toward his outlook,yet with the age ,one can ponder that much of the worries and anxieties are gone in the dustbin and the basic feeling of gaining reasonable growth is there ,therefore one can move towards a balance which may be in shorter quantity so far .

The basic needs AND THE NEED TO FEEL ELATED AT OWN PERFORMANCE IS MET WITH THE GROWTH. However, the growth in itself is a subjective matters ,but what happened and what gained is much relevant,
The so called great public figures usually hold the growth made in all material aspects in close vaults/safe and then turn to other fields forgaining power/dominance so as to have both tangible and intangible growth in large quantities.

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