To live with Consequences

The going is not usually great for the one,who is surrounded by most inefficient environment, where one finds it hard to be truly submerged into the doing and it appears that one has to only act and be hypo-critic. Sycophancy is the most adored profession,where the hierarchies are not at all created by merit,but by reservation and faulty systems of seniority.
The most brilliant mind becomes used to the environment and many times the potential is hardly seen,yet when some  one from such surrounding gets a opportunity outwards becomes a great performers.

The means are low,the faith is the system,nation is not there,and the systems of society has rotten for thousands of year,the guilt is inbuilt yet one burst with superiority complexes,that to say that the growth if appears anywhere near ,the forces starts to analyse the repression being caused to achieve this useless thing,the desperation of rot,in thoughts,deed and survival,the life becomes just a type of prison with no bars.

The pollution of noise becomes the biggest trouble,really so,as the space available to move,to sleep,to travel,to walk,to meditate all is filled with people,animal and the consequent noises,the trees are with their cover of green shrinking,the potholed narrow roads on which the world class vehicles run by the invisible gains in the reality markets,who knows where the funds are coming in it,whereas all productive sectors are starved of funds,the solace in nowhere hardly to be found ,particularly for one,who cant feel elevated about this magnificent greatness of the great society.

Being watchful and fitting to the system with perfection is an art for one hard to learn ,the consequences,the depreciation is to be there,the rate is high or low,the weak machine also runs,but some moment of esteem are hyped upon the eventful days of history celebrated every year.

No one can deny the consequences,a bout of ill adventure are to cause the down again and again and denying any recovery.The consequences are not much ,when one realist that there is no moral face left nearby and the going with great guns with such great guns.
What one consider as devolving   is hardly there,let all the roofs fall,the some intact floor left will suffice for has to live with the consequences of the strange thought process not suited to such atmosphere.Where the tiny matters are felt so great,the colossal waste of time and energy but one revers the one out of crores got some divine escape. 

Definitely some principles are to be followed and one should not feel oneself rising above the impacts deeds of the moment,one is prone and will usually remain prone to the blunders of moment ,so rushing,or immediate response is generally not desired,wait a bit,and pursue a path of least adventure to put oneself into the playing wishlist of others.

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