When headlines become synonymous with Hysteria

In some heightened situation/circumstances ,some public figures and their deeds /movement/action becomes the star attraction of masses and even their subtle nuances are highlighted in headlines and deeply discussed and debated.

sometimes the circumstances catches the eye of the public ,may be grave or just marketed and but the general folk psyche  is draped in it.-the war looming in horizon,civil rife spreading,the people restive of corruption/backwardness.,a movement in organised or in scattered and unidirectional mode erupts here and there and the whole sentiments of masses are swayed away with it and things become so sensational that it becomes a staple diet for people Many times the cycles in share market ,commodities etc becomes so scattered and persuasive that a ordinary person becomes expert of most delicate instruments and the headlines are stolen by these events and a hysteria sort of situation is developed.

further there has been no dearth of great man’s in history and present in every period of time ,who captures the public imagination and starts a movement sort of things as if transformation is being promised ,the young unemployed people etc become the vocal supporter,and masses are swayed in it,the movement which may be destructive, constructive, democratic or else.
The newspapers have to print headlines daily ,therefore they are in the permanent business of creating hype and highlighting varios people/events and when it appears to them that particular one has the capacity of creating a hysteria ,they never hesitate in exploring the same.
The aliens local or else has attacked ,the man settling on other planets of permanent joy such news of miracles have the capacity to flaunt the public opinion.

The various suppressed emotions/feelings are aroused to generate the headlines and marketed for larger gains to display /divert the attention of public to some real causes or to generate chaos so that newer foundation may emerge or to experience something when lying in the bitter boredom.
The headlines require the elements of extra urgency ,the impatience is added to jump on headlines to feel elevated by the news of their hyped one.
In the stable environment the headlines are also much stable ,but in the present world the volatility   has increased manifold and the stability has gone a higher/regular churning is there ,as the pattern of demographics are in change,some where aging,some part are young parts and aspiring their dividends ,the internet is helping in generating feeling/opinion too frequently ,the change in technology is fast and the competition rising ,to search to stay relevant is the hour’s need and in these circumstances the headlines are created to suit the particular wish.
Some indulge in ,adapt the wonderful old/fairy concepts to create hype ,to create a Robin hood ,to promise to deliver all at no cost ,the fictions are relevant to keep the coolness of masses,

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