The larger and popular conscience is not satisfied.

one understand,a great soul,acknowledge something of significance,yet finds it strange that nothing is happening and there are hardly any takers and the rubbish is having so great takers.
as if exhorting to quench my/ones thirst ,so that allowance of other aspect [how sane may be]be allowed to descend on the Earth,mind of the masses,that can significantly alter the conscience that rules the day to day affair .
Despite such a long arduous journey,where the wounds had hardly healed,yet there is no going back from the path which inflict wound as a natural consequence of interaction,existence. 
The uncountable custodians are being  prayed to descend the dew of calmness,tranquility,but the real conscience that is at the helm of all other conscience,need to be impacted to make a visual impact.
The human does innumerable maneuver ,yet the outcome is not at the instant,it comes a slow ,in piece and hence loses much of the comfort,that was supposed to derive from it,the core need to be struck at once,the anarchist and confusion that is the way of the enlightened one that deprive the larger populace from deriving the benefit /empowerment of them.
the empowerment as a word is of more significance,so that the vote,the funding,the hierarchy,the power could be extracted out of it at their convenience .
the real empowerment may be chilling to them,its want to be remain a word coined to look reasonable,justifiable on the glittering media,as if the real life is the life on the glittering medium,the concern of watchdogs of all significance is confined to there.
the one who is ticking the watch,mixing the past,present and future to derive a elixir is skeptical to allow the real one to commoner  one  and want the same to remain in selected pockets,those pockets of isolation,it appears so.
the apprehensions of the larger conscience need to be addressed in a robust way ,so that it is allowed to transcend the few drops of real life to the masses,who could come out from their bondage of their living and see the holy light some where far and satisfying.
despite the superior connectivity,the billions of people sharing on regular basis ,some common finer point of unification are yet to achieve,the larger consensus is yet in at distance ,that may mean that all together request to that larger conscience to be satisfied ,to allow the tiny tenant to get something of worth,satisfying.
they say that its all empty and the meaning less and the same is provided by individual,its the larger unsatisfied conscience that fills all sort of meaning,as the floating meaning that can be filled in the picture are creation of not any individual,but rather of the larger conscience,which is not satisfied and out of its frustration is indulging into plays which are causing waywardness in masses of tiny candles of conscience.


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