Stars Omnipotent and Bright

There are some stars,
omnipotent and bright,
make rotate a system,
around them,
energizes  them,
dispel the notion,
that the darkness,
may be every where in void,
but not stands,
in front of these stars,
they provide,
the concept of light/color,
in the light,
truth and envious emerge,
the game played in light,
they burn,
to get other from cold,darkness,
the matter turns in,
liquid,gas and solid,
it create impulse/signals,
than create a genre,
to explore the secret,
plays in their hands,
at their whim,
the suffering of matter,
transferred into pawn,
to get relieved from it,
the immortal,the matter,
changes its shape,text,
the pawn see themselves,
as the owner of light,
the light created disaster,
had not been the game,
the dark void world been,
much more livable,

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