Impairments are Impaired

The impairments have impaired,
The brightness of glow,
That ones vested in,
The sight of eyes,
The gradual,
descend of gloom,
The reminding of impairment,
Had as if enliven impairment,
Hardly anyone help cope the malice,
The self help spirit,
not solicited,
Water was poured again and again,
to douse the amber,
of stability,
The impairment rose their ,
ugly head vehemently,
they got their field day,
which was aspired by them,
in the inner heart,
Where no righteous one,
ever challenge the squalor,
The impairment were the,
part of body,
part of soul,
desecrated by filth,
of the rising shadow,
The tide flows in,
appearing steady flow,
but how many small tides,
available in the tide,
trying to scuttle the,
way of tide,
it is the will of the tide,
the push that tide got,
is able to withstand,
the treachery of,
innumerable tides within.

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