All is never lost.

The summer  may be harsh and all the weeds might be burned but when the rains arrive, some remaining threads catch life and again the surrounding turns green. It indicates that even in the extreme lull all is not lost that could not be revived in the better days ahead.

The human spirit has many finer dimension or to say that the basic need of human make one to look beyond the highest gloom.
The one need to awaken and realize the anomalies as that turns into the turning point toward the newer dawn.

Every decision /deliberation has multiple impacts,if not good immediately may turn out to be a boon later on ,the all implication of a event/action cant be perceived as dependent on such variable innumerable factors that their occurrence could hardly be predicted precisely. 
The action plan faces various challenges and some time things does not turn out as planned,yet the corrective action could always be implemented to cover the ground lost.
The economy suffers a serious setback and a bickering spread that gloom would prevail for decades and the past such incidents are quoted ,but each trouble provide an opportunity to explore the newer means of fast recovery and the co ordinated efforts of various stakeholders makes the path easier.

The value is always /every where present in all the ingredient of nature ,it is human will and goodwill that provide the value to the currency and economy of each nation ,the nature provide opportunities to all individual from the start of life on earth ,it is upon human to expedite the evolution process ,presently some part of world appear to be more developed and some part yet in the primitive state.

The moments turn heavy on the individuals and some feel that all ways are closed ,and at such time a muse is required or the matter of concern be left in dark go down and one to walk freely ,than some extra terrestrial light emerges that provide all the way ,or simply a fresh air can propel the many hidden other side of illumination.

The cycles are part of nature and humanity ,the all days could not remain equal ,lying low flying high are part of the game ,the persistence helps much as one cant be unlucky all times .
The human are tiny in front of vagaries of nature and the nature usually provides multiple options ,as some person fear that on depletion of particular natural resource the world may turn into gloom.

Human develops the technology to use the other non perishable resources to meet its requirements so that the existence of society/civilization is never threatened.
The alternatives are always the part of game /strategies ,there is contingency provision in all endeavor ,it is visualization /exploration of multiple options available to one,that save the day,the management marketing emphasizes upon research and building models and theories ,which are ever evolving. 

Usually the theories are based upon environment/circumstances /situation ,but the environment keeps on changing and so the theories need evolution / update  time to time to stay relevant the task of human evolution since start of life on earth seems to know/explore more and more to decode the secrets on nature and indulge in a friendly exploration of nature in which the man want to take up the task of nature in its hand,it could not be termed as irrational purely ,as the impact of nature is upon the humans and the mysteries /uncertainties of nature cause much impact on him.

The nature does not reveal its secrets /vision automatically to human,the man has to strive hard to extract the value from nature so that he is not always in the raw hand of nature vagaries or be always on the suffering side.

Fulfillment is derived in exploring/ understanding the nature which allow man to understand its own existence and purpose of life and to develop a partnership with nature,as human  is also natural product ,part of the nature ,but the enlightened human cant be passive partner with nature.


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