Worries need to be Forgotten

The fear of worries that humans perceive to be impacting them causes pain and if he remain isolated cell than the worries tend to enlarge and make one disturb /puzzle more and more ,that aspect raises the need to share his worries with others.

Sharing worries with other, in itself can provide much relief and further if human form group /forum to regular exchange their views on the matter of concern to them, than it can have plausible/pleasurable outcome.
Usually the man feel that his worry is peculiar,but it may not be so ,the all human has more or less the same kind of worries and by discussing it,same could be tackled by combined efforts.

The state and its executive has been endowed with the task of tackling the issues of common individual worries of masses.
If one discuss /share worries with others ,we give part of worries to other.
Basically the solution are far more than the available worries or trouble ,but a isolated effort fall short of a solution ,a combination becomes a formidable entity to dissolve all worries.

Many of the worries are natural related  to ones age, basic need, security concern, settlement quest etc. The fragrance of various transition need to be explored by individual, certainly life is an individual journey but one need various clues to arrive/choose a perfect path suited to his individual self,so as to derive the satisfaction of leading a fulfilled life.

The flowers opens up in the morning and close down in the evening ,it is not that human open fresh in morning and as the day advances the burden of worries grow and at evening the man closes with worries ,it could certainly be tiredness of individual that can some what increase till evening ,the human ingenuity has made the concept of morning and evening as more so equal ,the evening /night are so glittering as the fresh morning is.

The human wants that all goodness to last with him at each and every moment and the vagaries or natural turn of event does not bother him unduly ,the natural concern of nature are part of the life ,so the human has illuminated ones life so much that the difference between morning and evening has diminished ,the human has devised ways and means to reduce the negative impact of natural process on mind and body of human.
The human is perceived to be social animal and has the natural instinct to form the group /society.

The interaction, sharing, debating are part of wisdom ful human ,no other living organic body has te power to add value as the human have,further the human being social people has a tendency /concern about the views of other and is conscious about self perception generates much worry in the individual mind which could be tackled individually /collectively .
To associate others in ones worries can throw light on its solution and other aspect of it which might not have occurred to one,
further sharing worries/combining worries makes one stress free thereby gaining the power to effectively tackle the matter.
The associations are of far reaching significance ,the circumstances/ environment/ mental-physical development makes each individual differs and the concerns could be aggregated by self imposed exile ,which need to be looked/ tackled in newer light by sharing ,so undue worry need not cling to one.  

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