The reality is what one perceives to be real,therefore to grasp the real-reality is not an easy task. Grasping reality by its impact is often the parameter ,but the impact on the physical sphere and psychological sphere is different,basically reality could be measured scientifically in the matter of physical change.

The impact of reality as perceived in extreme could be either ecstatic or the resultant depressed state of mind ,in both the state the perception of reality could be exaggregated.

Nations tend to analyse the reality so as to take preventive steps to boost the reality in desired sense -to defend the border etc yet often the reverse materialize ,the human history is replete of blunders ,and as if emerge stronger out of chaos of different era.

The factors which could be measured precisely could be real,yet the major factors forming reality are usually the impact analysis of things/event etc.The universe is real yet no one hardly knows about its exact formation,status etc as the same is so large that the theories are based on limited knowledge and perception.

The happening /events in the world are full of strangeness ,where ideas,images etc appears distorted or mixed together in odd way as if in dreamy state. 

Therefore much of the reality is formed by one,as felt by one,hence the colors should always be part of it and should not push one in the wilderness ravines.
one’s destiny may be in wandering but one may enjoy it in the vivid surrounding and despise it in wilderness,which cast a major toll upon one.
The life may be treated as journey ,in a journey the time,speed,stations etc are all there to watch ,but one who is lucky and gets a more major stable schedule with stability and durability ,be in office or home,then the aspect of misery is reduced.
its upon the ones state of perception ,and in the bizarre state ,the reality may take the shape of surrealistism  .

In a movie all the major events ,the whole life ,the all happening ,its impact,its conclusion etc are depicted in the time span of 2-3 hours so it become surreal ,and when the whole life movie of 2-3 hours is lived in the life span of 70-80 years than it may turns into reality.

The mixing of events or sometimes the life is slow and many times the life is too fast ,where the multiple events are occurring simultaneously ,in such situation the vision may somewhat become blurred and despite being the reality its more fit to be called as surreal.

The difference between reality and delusion may be many times could be considered as minimal  provide in the range ,and if it not pierce the state of hallucination ,otherwise it could lay between the vast stretches of aptitude /attitude of one engulfing the reality.  

Its like the way one take the reality,it turn out accordingly and becomes real as if reality is observe sensitive ,felt sensitive and mould accordingly.

It appear that angle’s are bound to be added to the reality ,therefore its in ones interest to add the vivid dimension of color and tranquility to ones dream that may be reality till the real reality is happen to be perceived by one.

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