The great Leveler/Reveler

The one who has the temerity to flush out all the negativity from the life is able to become a great leveler and enjoy  all the moments in its entirety. Things are blown up ,and its blown in proportion or out of proportion is a matter of ones own conviction.

The real revelry could be derived from most fortunate and unfortunate moments,the impact is what one is ready to bear consciously and when one learn to deal matters consciously and no debris lies underneath the floor,which again and again arise at wishes . 

Differences are there,but by a higher degree they are instigated/purported to create a wedge that suits to one ,the countries that do not have a law,that is applicable ,and the creativity and intelligence of one is judged by how one can bend the rules at wish. 
to understand the f utilities /anomalies is essential to become leveler and reveler ,and its a art to be perfected to find the point that leads to revel,even in a failure/defeat/unsuccessful ,there could be much to celebrate. 
to guard/unguarded the envious surrounding is not a question to ponder,it should generally add color to the revelry,what the hell could be on the other side,and what the hell others curses could send one,when one is leveler in all circumstances and its not ones task to bother much about other zones and remain in self comfort zones,where the comfort can extend to farness as it wishes,the universe is stretching in all direction and sure of its goals in longer run,so some aberration here and there do not matter to one.
there are basic facts that are to be explored,the other/outsider can console,provide solace to one to a very limited extent,the space of mine is mine and the access granted is unlimited ,more so in the technological era.
the costing in life is not worked out as per the accounting standards,the cost are not involved in leveling and enjoying ,it merely needs a perception towards it,the sharing is always there,but one cant share oneself with other,only some moments/views/concepts/thoughts etc could be shared and much is all common among all,which could not be shared by sharing,understood by understanding alone,its the span of ones experimenting,the domain of ones privacy,where one is one to one and the all need to articulate the atr of being one to one to become a great reveler.
the greatness lies in not giving undue importance to events,which are hardly in ones sphere of control,the element of surprise/unpredictability will always remain in human sphere.
the company of my loved books,and crafts are more important to store and give ones exclusive time to them.the wars when thrust upon one has to be passed nor fought,the reaction automatically generates as per the situation ,that has relevance in that phase,but as the phase gone,all is gone and one return back to ones priceless possessions of fondness to the matters that do not changes with the passages of time.
the approaches are different but most/many are heading in the same direction therefore to level the different perspective is natural and the finer understanding is the way out to revel,the greatness lies in the normal normalities ,which has started to illude many ,that thing has to be made more pervasive so that all could enjoy and revel to the finest potentials.

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