The past perfect and future tense

One who has been largely satisfied and never got the time /reason /justification to explore something beyond the daily chorus of activity in family organization and society.
one has largely been immersed in his environment ,belonging,longing ,losing one and gaining other ,but sometime some fine morning something sets in and one starts feeling that now time is not being updated/adapted to the surrounding and much of the longing gets changed ,the surrounding is full of strangeness and strangers and the impact of time appears on face.
the future starts turning into tense,one feels that longing and belonging have or have to change considerably ,and a aura which one has enjoyed over his surroundings ,the both of them have changed considerably.
the surrounding are not the same,the songs/music used to raise the heart beats ,no longer does so and the songs music has changed but ones liking is not aligned to it totally.
the past may had been perfect and one has not much bothered about accumulation, planning. the range of colors were so vivid in past that in future losing some vividness looked like a tough task to handle and how to live among them or how to again make them vivid with stuff not known /experienced so far by one.
the feeling that something has passed ,the past ,now onwards not in distant future the much change is anticipated .more so the apprehension of losing the charm ,agility and that beloved surrounding gives a need to search alternatives where the dependence on surrounding external and increase reliance on internal surrounding ,a new sphere to explore ,prevail and unvail and submerge.
the game is game ,it had been now passed ,so that the glory of past that remains alive in ones mind but the tension lies in the future ,which is to unfold now and may bear fruits on some of the past activities ,the liabilities and assets needs a new assessment and the anxiety of keeping future on the track gains urgency.
the foundation of perfect past should be used to build the golden future ,sticking to something and leaving something ,gaining something and losing something ,a new refurbishment develops to take the place to reduce the tension of future and passing the pleasant past into the future,so as to defuse the tension of future. 
a new momentum builds up .,the things are analysed by different aspects and angles to find out the present day outlook that dissolve all tension in the solvent.
as the past was lived ,the future may also have to be lived ,so the matter is to explore new vividness that can fill the void and remain with one perennially .

the resolve can restore and maintain the tranquility that one enjoyed so far and the breakdowns are avoided and the antique value is maintained and glorified.
the creation never ends,its ever expanding despite dark area’s in surrounding,create and create ,new and newer nuances ,epics,ideas ,innovations,tragedy and comedy to make The PRESENT FUTURE COLORFUL.  

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