the task of restructuring depends upon the will/skill of person executing the same along with the merit of the restructuring plan/strategy.
the issue that ails or that has caused the present circumstances need to be identified/analysed in depth ,what went wrong ,the factors responsible for decay were internal or external,
the situation could also have been arisen because of ones inability to grasp the changes that are taking place out side and this sort of complacency can result in such type of situation.
the restructuring means the discarding of what is obsolete ,irrelevant,irrational and to instill a air of rejuvenation around .
the outcome of it should be like that it really look as new ,not the altered modified old,in this context it becomes relevant that the restructuring becomes a regular process ,the change should be continuous and timely according to the internal and external requirement .
the assessment of our plan /policies/strategies/outcome is a regular process and modification /adaption /evaluation are a natural outcome.
If the initial seeds were not proper ,the fertilizer poured on it was not proper,the environment not conducive and all the open space was filled with apprehension/uncertainties,the plant/offspring turns into a weak youngster.  
and when the reality starts playing with ones destiny and it appears that one is chasing wild dreams shaking, the need to restructure the dream arises ,the dreams are to be drawn looking to the stage of individual human life and the organisation has to look widely for young aspirant and old maturing ones and the maintaining/enhancing the participation /satisfaction of consumes.
till there is hope alive ,a restructuring could be attempted ,but it needs a real zeal and the important thing is that the perennial distraction should be discarded/deliquesced.
the perennial distraction are majority imaginary and few real ones,but more distracting thing is that much of the distraction could be ones own creation. 
restructuring is not repairing and restructuring is a word that is relevant in something vibrant structures and individuals.
the restructuring is much more than repair ,it is loaded with invention/innovation/improvement of the basic themes and measures to make it competitive in changing  present environment.
In the organic and inorganic life restructuring all ills is not a piratical possibilities,and sometimes/many-times a hypothetical concept,yet a way out is to be fond and that could even be -that to identifying one strong point and pursue the same relentlessly amid’s  all distraction ,at least one point/aspect could be tried to retain afloat in all circumstances.
And this one strong point when really becomes a strong point and gains real strength can provide real strength ,where other distractions automatically softens /weakens and could become a real turning point for a real pleasant restructured life.

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