Transition OF The Mantle…

its the reality that the reins of all earthy matters are passed from one generation to other,the present democratic system usually does not allow ones heir,but the grooming  of the alternative by the society and the person at the helm can go in long way toward smooth and better transition.
the democratic system should normally produce good leaders ,as in the federal structure the good leaders from provinces could be elevated for higher role.but when the nation conscience turns bleak and the emphasis of debate shifts from merit to satisfying ones goal by way of creating more hurdle for opponent,than the thing turn for worst.
what ones predecessors were able to do and what their successor may be able to do,that could not be only guiding point for the present,the challenges of present are to be met in present circumstances/resources.
the good education system can help creating good citizen out of which some may take leadership in many fronts,the stronger institutional set up can take much of the shocks,
the new incumbent need to know the lapses of past and emerging new threats and opportunities,the things are not same always ,the changes has become fast,the old/past is no sure guide.
a environment in which there is few gaps in concepts ,yet the challenges and future need to be shaped by more energetic one,who are prone to more calculated risk taking.
a system when introduced appears perfect/nice ,but later on deficiencies creep into it ,and the incumbent must understand the challenges clearly.the present time leaders have perfected in the art of dream selling,but such dreams prove costly later on,so how the breeze of the emotions of society could be diverted toward safe harbor,that understanding is needed,the leaving all problems and dire strait for the successor is not a desired one.
the big empires/civilization sunk due to the weak incumbant,who could not shape the direction further ahead.

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