Generation Gap Reduced IN Some Parts..

the generation gap in some part of the world has reduced substantially in some parts,particularly where the almost entire population is having access and using the net,that means that total population in these part are edycated and having a open society,in such cases the new generation may give a second thought to have some regression toward the generation of their grand parents.
as if there are no different generation and all are part of same generation,nothing is hidden and nothing is worth guilt.
in some parts of the world which are yet living the life of primordial era,at such places also there is hardly any generation gap,the present generation and the past generation are having the same values,therefore generation gap does not exists. 
older structures are broken,newer not built,the state becoming the parent and old age salvage,the interaction between biological relations has gone to new low,the time has been in too short supply,the tolerance nil,and to live life on the own terms has become the ideal.
the gap gone then what the new would be in coming it appears that it is going in extreme far away,where isolation is more prevelent,and just the enjoyment of self becomes the purpose,the society by this attitude can be in shambles and the total individualist approach can impact the future.
the approach has become all modern,the conservativeness gome,but the more engagement should be there as the generation gap is reduced,but that is apparently not visible.

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