Exploring Ones Instinct..

to get hold of and understand ones instinct is somewhat possible,but the real trouble is that ,there are to many internal and external blocks ,which do not allow the instinct be somewhat controlled in better direction.
more so the real issue is to put a terrific fight,such determination lacked in most people,for example-one is indulging in useless things,which is causing disturbance in life ,at the same time one can gain capabilities in another gainful thing,but perverseness is not there.
the habits/instinct are nutured by succumbing to them again and again ,the fight and changing the course of direction is hard to adhere.
sometimes many positiveness may lies in ones instinct,which hardly got an opportunity to surface,and if the positive instinct are brought to fore and nurtured,then the positive growth may occur. 
the instinct has their roots in many things ,like the circumstances,the lengthy haphazard strategies  implemented to any how pass the bulky and desperate time.
the escape when becomes more the part of one,the instinct revolve around the clock.
the instinct are as youthful as they were,but the shades of grey need to dilute the instinct so that one may not fall in intense emotional setback at the time of grey and the experience let conquer the instinct.
the darkness has its own beauty,and in the period of low,one should become more engaged in creative activities,and not allow wasting time in reverie and causing/increasing stress.
the proper planning to explore the positive instinct,that way they are re-inforced and thhe negativeness remains buried,
the natural instinct may be similar in all humans,but it laid buried  in many,as their instinct are called more better and appreciated,when they confirm to the customs and prevalent norms.and when no other way appear ,the instinct buried deep never get opportunity to erupt.

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