whether specific climate impacted cultural development…

its not entirely specific,yet if one analyse the different traditions/culture developed earlier in some part of globe,prior to its export from one part to another,the impact of climate also looked somewhat relevant.

the colder part of globe needed beverages for their survival,therefore the culture in these parts was more acceptable to it,the parts with low and poor agriculture were dependent on other substitute for eating and that was echoed in their culture.
the harder terrain provided more entrepreneurial abilities,and the person there had been more hard working,less lethargic and more prone to innovation.
the better parts ,where the nature/climate/terrain was favorable the person turned complacent,indulged in more grouping ,divisions and lethargic.
the need is said to be the mother of inventions,and that may be the rationale behind the impact of climate prevalent in particular part over the culture.
the places of harder climates,where the interactions has been limited,more individual stories has emerged there,certainly the customs/festival in many part of the world are framed around the climatic patterns,
earlier the gross domestic product was mainly dependent on agriculture and the climate,that allowed more business/trading,the parts of world where huge agriculture was there ,were prosperous and self complacent ,which allowed their deterioration ,and the invaders with better skills/organisation/technology/unity and purpose conquered much.
societies with hard terrain explored to other options and spread their presence at many places and saw more revolution and change ,then the other static/non dynamic culture,which failed to excel.
the impact on the art and craft may also had the impact of climate,but the human imagination can pass all barriers.
now the climate has changed by the use of machines,where it is kept stagnant best suited to human,be in office,home or car etc.,the impact of it may be visible in future.

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