Impact Studies Are Essential

in the earlier era ,there was slow movement of things and the pace of change and development was too slow,the human civilization is too old,but the changes earlier were slow and it took such a long time to reach the present modern stage.
but now the change is so rapid,and within a span of decade or two the face of world can change drastically,so the study of impacts becomes more important now.
the bigger companies are more vigilant in impact studies,but their purpose is limited to ensure their growth and profits,the international institutions have become weak,and majority of countries are so engrossed in their own troubles,that they hardly find time to dwell on the study of impacts looming over the humanity.
the impact of pollution,the reducing of forest cover,the obstruction in natural flow of water,the impact of latest technologies at the health and behavior of human etc.
the changing demographics can also have serious impact which also need to be studied at length and the future impact on rising demand of land,food water etc need to be studied.
further the human tendency to create some activities and devise newer and newer games for pleasure can have disastrous impact,now as globe is turning into villiage,any disgruntled person sitting in any corner can cause great impact,which need to be studied and controlled.
the wind blowing in any part of world can impact many parts of globe,so the studies of impact and how to tackle them need strong global institutions and judiciary.
despite so much development if the human personal lives becomes miserable ,then the factors responsible need to be identified and addressed by the involvement of all.
the children are losing many old skills and pleasures-like the cursive/writing is become out of date,now even child need not learn to write by hand,the older child play are being replaced with the modern one ,the impact of such issues on longer run need study.
the government roles out various schemes,but whats its impact,the actions are taken to reduce crimes ,but the impact of methods employed on longer run need study.
the impact lasting one in desired form need to be there in shorter and long run both,one can solely not look only for short term gains.
actins has reaction,but if the reaction takes away all the gains and put more trouble head on,then there is certainly lack of proper impact study,which involve poor analysis of past and poor forecast of future.
impacts are always there,be it action or non-action,the studying it carefully is the hour of need for healthy growth of human societies.

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