Disturbing Thoughts At Key Moments..

it is the sort of self destructive tendency to have the habit of spoiling the key moment by recalling the buried unpleasant thought,as if one does not want to experience even a few moments,which could be memorable and recalling the all pervasive doom of mood to prevail over one.
one need to be adaptive to the situation,yet having a general restraint of avoiding the excess,but to enjoy the moments.
a general has to decide to wage a war and the disturbing thought emerges,it may be as if half the battle lost,ones chariot rider may not be the almighty to guide the right course and divine interventions are also few.
the manager/leader need to take decision and if at that crucial moment ,the disturbing thought enters  ,it can spoil the content,context and the spirit of decision,as it is said that well begun is half the battle won.
in some way all the moments are key one ,therefore ideally the disturbing thoughts emergence is a bad habit of self doubting mind,the mind which is weak,fearful,depressed and lacking in confidence.
the analysis of the action to be taken and the analysis of outcome is necessary,but its not equal to setting of disturbed thoughts.
all the watches are ticking ruthlessly,and all the seeds are ready to show their changing colors ,and the one who nourishes one also sow the seed of decline-like oxygen is necessary for survival,but it also add to free radicals . 
breaking of all the barriers ,that are present everywhere,and much are mere spectator untill one does the folly of invoking them.
thoughts are a routine process as the waive rises and subsidies,but the disturbing thoughts are not a regular/healthy features,all had to struggle in this world to achieve something ,everything to hardly anyone offered on plate.but it may be the height of self pity when disturbing thoughts has the temerity to enter at most undesirable moment.
before beginning starting to apprehend too much is not the way of success,what matters even if one fails,the pleasure of trying wholeheartedly is sufficient to enjoy .

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