Multiplicity of reasons behind event makes it..

The events occurs in the human space ,the tangible or intangible ,which impacts human,the origin of it lies in the initiation of human,may be sometimes considered aided by divine forces.
The human has the tendency to identify the cause of events impacting him personally or to the society.
in the personal space humans are prone to much vulnerability ,which are very complex and hardly easily explicable.,and here not the multiplicity of reasons but illusory reasons that are propped up are used to identify the cause,fix the blame and get let the shadow looms over self.
man want to take credit for good event,and generate/analyse the cause to feel the same,and in failure identify the cause /reason lying in the part of others ,such tendencies may be considered quite natural,but the real trouble erupt in a weaker self,which is full of fear,apprehensive,tensed,stressed,big garbage of failures,indecisiveness and tendency to swim in the pool of doubts,which lead to generating illusory grounds-linking the events to unrelated matters/past memories ,and devising such a confused/non conclusive reasons which totter the self.
in the commercial/business world,the success and failure,the events occur due to self initiation,or the initiation of others,or by the external/internal environment,here the reasons identification has more sophisticated means of research/consultant,data analysis etc.
the factor of luck/chance or just the vacuum initiation on time can cause a favorable impact,despite in general circumstance ,it may not look so good proposition.
sometime it happens that while considering the reason,the real unknown reason is left behind/do not struck,all the calculation be changed by invisible factor,or due to intervention of some unknown force,which might have been inadvertantly invoked by the particular events,changing the whole perception of long term effect well established for long.
the times goes on its speed,the event may sometime have been impacted by many factors ,visible or invisible,consciously/unconsciously,therefore the multiple reasons have added to the outcome,but to determine the weight of particular factor is not a easy task.

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