Common sense sometime not felt like right way…

The ones sense sometime becomes so blurred,that it does not allow one to rise above ones prejudices and lobbying.,and the impact which it could cast in the long run are not acknowledged,the vanity also plays a role.
the one who is more down to earth and is not subjected to illusory histories/hegemony etc is more prone to rely more on the common sense.
The senses are many and what is common is not always the true common sense,the humans have the herd mentality,therefore it makes the common sense very subjective and varying from human to human.
 how the history would judge one ,thats less material but the desire to get a foothold at all cost that appears to be relevant in particular time.
the common sense is generated out of many factors-like ones intuition   ones knowledge,one analytical approach,ones concern for matters,ones vision etc,but the very relevant thing to develop and and having such common sense is dependent upon knowing the right facts,when the door of fresh air are blocked or the air from particular direction is only allowed than one cant be blamed  for his senses.
the constraint on the real ground give a easy excuse to ignore all type of sense,the survival and the reality of the moment has its deep impact on the decision being taken.,one do not wish to face undue resistance that causes one to ignore the real common sense,as one understand the thing,but how to get it penetrated to average mind with so many constraints of resources,customs,backwardness etc.
the senses need their share and want human to act on its whims,that lead to ignore all common sense and consequences and indulge in undue act of harm full consequences.
if the common sense had been so common then the world might not been facing the crisis on many fronts like financial,environment,poverty,education and inclusiveness etc.
the seed sown decides much about the produce,the same is applicable to humanity also,the seeds in the agriculture field are more prone to acting uniformly as perceived in the laboratory,but the same is not much valid for the humanity.
the human needs many type of experiences and entertainment ,one want to immerse in fiction/illusion/the hypothetical idealism etc ,which is not the reality,there fore the senses which have more spices find more takers.

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