Relentless pursuit of ones ideals…

The pursuit  of ones dreams and ideal state is the very aim of ones life,the variation in caused by circumstances are the impact of some changing times.the setback are suffered by man but its not solely due to the lack of will or proper planning,its the game being played everywhere and the politics being played in every corner ,that largely impacts the outcome.
the large population has the single policy of fawning and may lack the necessary skills to develop a stand,they need to survive on the back of some one.
the one may feel isolated ,when despite of all the good saying and doing ,the outcome appears to be going in other direction,the fight between good and evil is going since the start of humanity and the noble man/saints etc has to face stiff resistances.
the scars are put by others ,which impacts one,and /but giving up helps neither,one should be prepared to face  the consequences and battle for his ideals/vision ,the perseverance may help and the satisfaction of not giving and not being perturbed is much more worthy.
its not smooth always,the war may have to be waged ,but the pursuit cant be halted,the unanimity never appears to arrive,even when communication was easier or difficult,some has the feeling that contrast are the part of natural thinking,but the thinking has to be based on certain domain of schools ,and the wish of integration and ways to satisfy everlasting desire of monopoly and interference has to be halted.
it also needs the elements of relent less optimism ,which allows one to remain down to earth and be happy in all amazing situations,the ideals must be worth pursuing and the zeal in pursuing it should be there.the time and age has many phases,in some of the later phases,the evaluation of ones activity is also usually there,one need to have the satisfaction of happy pursuance and stubbornness despite all sort of adversaries.
the pursuit have the capacity of causing much satisfaction in ones life and getting the meaning and the purpose of the life. 

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