The gap between ones central theme and others central themes/reality is huge ….

The very basic nature of human is there after gaining the maturity,but the reality or the gap with others central themes remains so large that many jolts are to be borne by one in the life.
for example-one is contend with decent living and enjoying the nature and comfortable,but the other closer associate is too fond of money and want to swim in it-to spending high and high,thereby gaining the satisfaction and  higher status without any regard to other values or hoe the money is earned.
the one has the core nature of belief and may think that with some hassles the public schemes in development department of govt are working right,
but in developing world the reality may be different ,which i had experience to my dismay that there is no concern for any sort of development and the game of leg pulling is played,resources are wasted without any proper plan,no control,no core thinking,no long term planning.
the question that shatter the one is the extent,every one knows that some manipulation,preferences are there,it is the matter of degree ,which one finds astonishing against his core belief.
it is strange experience for one ,who is inclined to some sort of loneliness and not part of a group of core friends,that ones sentiments,which one consider  genuine are no matter of concern to his deemed friends.
much part of population in developing part is living in abject poverty with all sort of superstition ,their living/experiences could hardly be visualized and one is forced to live in that reality. 
it could be termed like being market friendly,one is more the world friendly and he knows to swim with the tide of the reality to maintain his comfortable life and subtle or else issyes matters nothing.
some are more perfect than other perfect ones,the ones who regular take shelter of God divine blessing ,but at the very core they are the hardcore one,where light of compassion hardly enters.
in many cases it is hardly understandable that what can satisfy/please the one,who is never in a state of having any core belief and get bored with one fast ,to do another extreme if they can swing in a wide range with all loose ends.
one can speak lie with impunity,can become friendly without having such real sense,these opportunist are higher grade individuals,whose central theme may vary with other too wide.

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