Culture of cultivated dissatisfaction

it appears that the foundation of humanity is much based on cultivated dissatisfaction,either inadvertently or else.
a large business opportunities are drawn by creating and let realizing the customar  about his cultivated dissatisfaction,the all human has some sort of troubles in life,its the ability of Godman to cultivate dissatisfaction in the mind of his pupils ,so that his business grow.
further the companies to promote their product -inform the customer that how larger things they had been missing so far,and they had led miserable life,and one to attain the robust self and nirvana ,their product has all such ingredient to supplement you.
the humans needs dynamic societies and group,who are ready to change and are rational,the leadership is the very fate deciding factor of humanity since its origin.,
when the thing becomes too old and adaptations are rare,it becomes stale,and the cultivated dissatisfaction in the society penetrate so deep that no fresh air is allowed in,
its simple that life has negative as well as positive aspects and now it is upon one to strike a balanced approach,but not to be swayed by popular sentiment is not too easy.
as human cultivate agriculture and virtues ,in the same manner the dissatisfaction may be habitually cultivated to blur the life brightness.
the satisfaction is all illusive,its to remain gainfully busy and keeping composure calm is useful.the impact of any event subsidies in some time,the politician are in some part of the world are in the game of cultivating dissatisfaction to garner votes.
some societies appears to be bidden by cultivated dissatisfaction ,that has been kept alive for centuries and led to build/strengthen very biases.
one plans to build a movement,to arise sentiment,the dissatisfaction is to cultivated/aroused ,the word strategy can be used to achieve many purposes,it is not the fault of the word,but the intention of devising it that counts.
the seeds are sown,its the intent of sowing the particular seed,that causes to bear its fruit .
the differences are the very part of human existence ,it has to be taken in right sense and balanced by authorities,not to be used as cultivation of dissatisfaction.

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