The world of experimentation

Every human appears to be involved in some sort of experiment from the very beginning ,the human start experimentation to avoid the undesirable and to get the desired one.
a child analyse the scope of his experiment and cries occasionally ,smile childishly to get the adorance /praise and to get the reward of say the chocolates ,toys etc.
as the age grows the size of experiment increases,as the satisfaction desired become too big and often ambiguous ,even in a given situation the human has to do many experiments for survival,the human interaction and communication is easy ,but the desired impact of interaction and communication is the challenge to achieve and that requires many experiments of theories ,each individual has its own uniqueness and to get best out of sub-ordinates ,one need to  understand his nature and its not a easy task,and its after many experiments ,interactions and observation ,one gets the hassle free results and interaction.
as the human grows ,he need many things for entertainment after facing the hard reality of life ,but to find out what really entertains one ,the human needs experimentation.
some human have lonely nature ,they find it difficult to entertain in groups.
some human despite having of immense wealth finds hard to entertain as the worries to grow and maintain takes much of the man.
the human is required to take many decisions every day ,while driving to avoid sudden accidents ,one need to take instant decision and BASICALLY DECISION MAKING IS ALSO EXPERIMENTING.
the experimentation based on rationality   and often it is not the sole criteria ,as it is said that in many cases it is animal spirit that drives the human ,therefore one experiment all aspect to achieve individually,organizationally ,stakeholders goal.
the success of experiment is dependent upon the sincerity of all concerned ,the govt of some developing countries   are experimenting various schemes ,so that their country rises in human development parameters and get the status of developed country,but despite so long time nothing much has improved on ground and even in some cases deterioration is there ,it may be because of lack of sincerity ,willpower of leaders and bureaucracy of these countries ,who are not able to fix cultural issues ,leakages ,corruptions and/or the experimentation are just for populism /tokenism.
the experimentation necessitates the provisions of contingencies ,because no one know which of the experimentation will fail  and some may be modestly successful only. 
to succeed  in experimentation ,it is also necessary to control the variables factor ,because they can impact their results  
sometimes the variable factors may be deliberately introduced to get the versatile results of experimentation ,the stimuli environment is to be varied in planned way to get out of various results for analysis .
the experimentation are necessary to avoid inertia and gloom at the same time they may be fraught with dangerous consequences ,which may appear later,so to say-side effect and after effects ,a team work ,proper planning and monitoring can avoid much negative impact emerging later on. 

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