Going deeper and deeper-

The stars have own light,
the planet has no own life,
the planet beaming with life,
the stars standing alone,
as if having no attachment,
the planet attached to star,
rotate around the star,
the star burns self,
the stars burn nearer object,
the stars are the fulcrum,
the beams of the universe,
lies upon their shoulders,
some stars are broken,
some stars born new,
the matter is re-grouping,
the new matter being created,
the older matter being,
engulfed in the dark hole,
these dark holes are un satiable,
their hunger seems no end,
the prison cells are dark enough,
no glimpse goes outside,
all the existence vanish,
once under their fold,
a state of perfection,
going deeper and deeper,
nothing seen,
just the feeling,
without self,

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